For Want of a Roasting Pan

It is Sat and where have the days passed on to.  A time to reflect and look back at the week.  What did I do?  Sometimes as I look backwards the mirror is empty.  I see no accomplishments, then I put my glasses on and see glimpses of something done.  Not sure what but it looks like I did something.  There are dust bunnies a floating abouts, clothes stacked in the hamper, rather dirty looking and other things to clean up.   The vacum sits in the corner with a snarl on its snout, oh my goodness, must tame the beast.  Yes it is Saturday and the chores of the weekend are stacked up waiting for a soul to take care of them.  I ponder where can I find a soul to do my chores.  I am not Tom Sawyer, nor am I rich enough for a maid service.  So I sit staring at computer screen hoping the dust af a fairy will float down from overhead to take car of the little jobs of the weekend.
Found these guys wandering around
They said gobble gobble….Where’s the roasting pan?
It appears they were looking for somebody to invite them in for a meal. 
Have a good weekend.

9 thoughts on “For Want of a Roasting Pan

  1. They do seem to beckon don’t they? We had a Friday full of concerts here that left me feeling dazed and unsure that it could actually be Saturday today. The holiday season has a haze all it’s own. Give the turkeys my best regards.

  2. Another damp and gray day here, the little woman is doing some of the cleaning, nowhere to go. I am cleaning up my space the room that houses this old puter. Papers here, papers there a week or so of collecting.Take and dip a couple of those turkeys in some hot oil, I’ll stop by for one.

  3. I built a very small house for myself that is very easy to keep clean. So glad I did that and hope you got one of those gobblers..

  4. Wow, this is the second blog with photographs of wild turkeys. Just do not see such in YVR. So true the housekeeping routines. I sometimes coax myself into finding the ‘zen’ of the simple chores. Sometimes that works. I chuckle.

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