Travels Along the Rails Chap 6

Chap 6
Evan and Vern moved off the other direction from the wagons. In the fog it did not take long before the wagons faded into the misty fog. The brothers were going to ride along the creek a short distance and then criss cross the grass land looking for the lost ox. As they rode along the fog would be thicker then thin out. It was difficult to stay in sight of each other but they could whistle or shout to keep track of the other.
When they reached the crick Vern was going to ride up the bank and Evan would follow the edge. The rain had created small pools and mud bogs. They figured the ox had wandered into crick looking for a drink and was probably lying nearby chewing its cud, they hoped.
The plan was to ride about five miles back down stream. The going was slow because of the fog. Last thing wanted to do was have one of the horses step into a pool of quicksand. Whistling and hollering they made their way. As the morning wore on there were spots of bright sunshine and they could move a little faster through these spots. As they were riding along hollering and a patch of dense fog, Vern stopped and hollered at Evan and asked him if he heard anything. Stopping and being quiet, Evan said he heard a faint bellow a distance ahead.
Letting out a screech Vern galloped ahead, he got an answer of a bawl. As fast as Vern had galloped off he came to a stop. There to the right in the crick was a big old mud bog and there stuck in the mud was their ox. Evan rode up just as the ox cried out. Evan shook his head. This was a mess the ox was up to his belly in gooey mud. The ox bellered at them. The brothers got off their horses and walked towards the ox. Closer as they strode they could feel the mud grabbing the boots.
Stopping they pondered what to do. Evan said he will get a rope and see if he can get it over his horns and pull him out. The ox stood there looking at them. Evan walked back to the horses and took a rope off and headed back to the mud hole. He walked into the mud as far as he dared to toss the lasso. The first toss landed in the mud a little short. Couple steps closer Evan tried again, this time it fell off the animals head and slid into the mud. It took a couple of tosses but finally the loop went around the horns.
Struggling in the mud, Evan was able to back out and handed the rope to Vern. He walked up and led his horse back down to his brother. Took the rope and tied it around the saddle horn. Vern walked around the mud to be behind the ox. Evan gave the horse a pat to start pulling, the ox howled and struggled. Vern was behind the ox throwing mud at him and hollering. The ox was jumping and lunging, the horse was straining while Evan was beside his ear talking.


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