Alta Vista, Colo.


I had read and hears stories about Alta Vista, so I looked to see where it was.  It was not the  far away so I made a journey to go explore the area.  Looking on satellite I did not see much.  There was nothing under the blip and in the area it appeared to be farms and some ranches.  So off I went not expecting much but hoping for a country school or church. 

I missed my first turn to the area so did some backtracking.  In the distance I could see some buildings, back I went.  Well I got a mild surprise. It was a country school I found, but it was not a little one room school.  There among the other houses, on the corner was a nice two story schoolhouse.  Well maintained and the Quonset was there for a gym.  Someone had bought the old school and was keeping it up. 

DSCN3702 (640x480)

To the west, somebody had spread some BS and up sprout some wind turbines.  What had once been an unimpeded view of Pikes Peak, was now a cluttered view of electrical generators. 

From what little I’ve gathered, there was not a town in the area.  Alta Vista was a community that built up around the school. 

Today there are still a few farms and ranches in the area, there is also numerous abandoned buildings.  I will continue to seek out info and maybe someday come back and revisit Alta Vista.

DSCN3696 (640x480)

It is my hope that over the years, things will be kept up. 

Now to get on the horse and go find some more treasures. 


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