Mega Trucks

Living on the Ports To Plains Highway, I get to see bunches of monster loads and the trucks and trailers that haul them.  The most common big loads are the components for the Wind Farms.  The windmills on steroids are shipped in by bits and pieces then site assembled.  Each section has its own specialized trailer.

DSCN1048 (1024x768)DSCN1050 (1024x768)DSCN1051 (1024x768)

The biggest, heaviest part is the Narcel, the turbine/generator.  Multiple axels in sections, laced together.  The rear axels on the trailers are steerable.  Going around corners with these oversized loads in interesting.  Traffic gets stopped and in slow motion the trailer is eased as a pilot stands by the rear steering the trailing wheels. 

DSCN1044 (1024x768)

Then there are the blades, great big long stretched out loads.  Special loading trailers and brackets to set the blade in.  Again steerable rear trailer wheels. 

DSCN1046 (1024x768)DSCN1047 (1024x768)

The tower is in sections and unique brackets for hauling.  The towers have the wiring components ion them plus and elevator.  It is quite the engineering project to watch them move and then get erected. 

Specialized equipment that has a short life and limited application.  Like solar, they will probably have a short life.  When the politicians need money, subsidies for projects like this will be cut and giant windmills will dot the landscape.

In the meantime, all the different engineers are getting a good work out for their craft and tradesmen are occupied.


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