The United States is engaged in so many wars, throw a dart snd there is one.  The front page one currently is the War On Terror.  Not sure where the battlefield is but we are not being very successful in winning it let alone engaged in combat. 

For the US this war began on 9-11, well in the mind’s eye.  Yet the terror of destruction had been going on for decades in Europe.  I was hoping that after 9-11 the US might unleash all its potential.  Instead Pres. Bush, the junior one put on kid gloves and went over and paddled them some.  Unlike his father who sent a military expedition to the Middle East and accomplished his goal in Kuwait.  The Persian Gulf War was probably the only war we engaged in where we went as a country with a mission.  Yet for reasons unknown it stopped. 

This lack of continuation was probably one of the reasons for the 9-11 attacks.  The US did not stiffen its resolve to create a peaceful ending.  Instead left the area in the hopes that things would improve.  This has been one of the biggest downfalls, hopes that things will get better.   What’s the saying ……. a tiger does not change its stripes.  In the political realm there is a state called denial and the lots of politicians live there. 

Since World War Two, the United States has not waged a successful war.  Korea, Indochina/Vietnam, Africa, Yugoslavia, Middle East.  For fear of ruffling feathers, the United States has backed down on the Political front of world opinion. 

It is okay to the ruffle the feathers of the US but you better not ruffle ours back.  As a result the political leaders have become apologetic.  The appearance is, that the United States no longer likes being a winner. 

As a society we are going to have to look at ourselves, what kind of country do we want, what kind of lives do we want.  Right now it is a country that lives in fear.  A country that easily bullied. 

Look at the various protests over the past 48 months.  What have been the consequences for the protestors that have destroyed property and or taken lives.  The occupy protestors had and extended life, what were their consequences. Look at the small one and two day protests.  Then there were the riot protests.  How did the police react to the destruction of private property. 

If we are going to be a country of Laws, we need to be that and accept the consequences of being that kind of country.  If we become a country of anarchy, rules we be held for the moment or situation then discarded.  So who ever is the biggest bully and has the most bullies will rule for the moment. 

Look at the Wars we are involved in.  Have they been successful.  The War On Poverty, began during the Johnson administration and his Great Society.  Today there are over 48 million people on food stamps, an indicator of poverty.  The success of that war has been to expand the victim base of the US.  A war that has been going on for over 40 years.  Look at how big the Federal welfare agency is. 

Why is that war still going on?

Then there is the War On Drugs.  A whole new government agency was created to combat drugs.  What has this agency accomplished in this war?  They have grown in size, have a nice pay, travel a lots, get to shot nice fancy guns, wear odd clothes and make lots of sound bites after their raids. 

Since the war on drugs began the drug use has skyrocketed.  Drug dealing has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the US and it is a tax free income.  People die and get killed in this industry yet very little is said about these deaths.  The drug war rolls on…… to what end?

Then there is the battle of energy independence.  Started under President Carter.  With over 40.000 employees, how has the Department of Energy helped ease the oil dependency of the United States?

Our wars are ongoing, a beginning with no end.  Who profits off these wars.  A former president warned the people of the US about a military Industrial complex that was emerging.  He sated that these groups would soon control the country.

Then there are the environmental battles.

Basically we are becoming a nation of losers.  So few speak out, have a backbone or any kind of fortitude. 


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