A Battle for Survival


Sounds kind of odd, but Christians are under attack around the world.  It appears that the Crusades are ushering forth.  Genocide is not good, but the Muslims, practice it big time. 

Look at Croatia-Serbia… etc.  Look at North Africa and in particular Egypt.  I can not believe the hate some Muslims have.  Even among them selves, one sect of Muslims tries to eliminate another sect of Muslims. 

Will this be the next big world conflict?  Even in the United States, there are people attacking others for their beliefs.  US citizens have joined terrorist groups.  Lawsuits galore have been filed against all types of religious symbols.  Tolerance is disappearing. 

Some people with serious control issues are pouring gas on the flames of religious hatred. 

IMGP8996 (511x800)

Wonder when the Ireland epiphany will strike.  People will come to the realization that their hatred accomplishes nothing.  Somewhere, somehow people can become a little more tolerant of people with different views. 

Then there are prayers of awakening.  Look at the story of Ishmael and Isaac and try to understand the differences.  Next thing is to try and figure out why some people want to be slaves?  Slavery, that is the tough question.   So many feel that by being the master, they are above slavery yet they are the enslavers.  Major issues of self and others. 


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