The Second Amendment


The Constitution, guarantees many things.  One of the most maligned and attacked amendments is the second one, the gun amendment.

Being against violence is nothing new, it has been a cause for eons.  Guns are a focal point fro the people against violence.  Yet taking ones gun(s) away has shown that it does not reduce violence.  Over the centuries, the level of violence has been pretty consistent.  Yet they will not accept these facts.  They continue to want to out law guns.  One thing they do not even consider, is the number of deaths by vehicle.  One of the most violent deaths is in a car/truck/motorcycle wreck. 

One of the glories during the American Revolution was the Minuteman.  He could grab his gun and be in the field shooting at the enemy in minutes.  Hence to right to keep and bear arms gained lots of momentum.  One of the other things, was the early pioneers could defend their homes during the revolution. 

The British troops would invade homes, demanding food and water.  The settlers did not like this and had a tendency to shoot approaching British troops.  This deterred lots of the British troops from ransacking lots of the homes. 

DSCN6191 (800x596)

This brought forth the idea of reserves for the military that could easily be called up.  The states also created National Guard units to protect their states.  These were out growths from the revolution and the ease of mustering forces to resist oncoming troops. 

As a result many homeowners kept rifles for protection that were also used for hunting.  The founding fathers had seen how a well armed homeowner could be of value in the time of conflict.  The second amendment was zealously protected.

Around the country, Armories were built to provide these reserve troops a close by and easy access to the equipment need to carry out their duties.  These armories contained their small arms and basic field equipment for the unit that was assigned there. 

Most of these armories have closed and are dust collectors.  No longer is the minuteman a part of the fabric.  It is now mostly under the thumb of big brother.  More and more, government is being used to disarm its citizenry. 

Step back in history.  A conquering country used its laws ro disarm the people they conquered, they wanted control of the people and to do that they had to disarm. 

By bringing the focus of control in to a small realm, the ruling faction have a certain level of control.  When the citizens would arm themselves, the over throwers would lose their grip.

This is something the founders of the USA grasped.  To defend its freedom, the citizen needs to be able to defend itself.  Yet if someone wants to conquer, destroy their weapons and run rough shod over them. 

Look what happened in Thailand, a central controlled military took over a country.  Look at what Russia is doing.  Look how the conflict in the Middle East is dragging on because private citizens are armed. 

Any law that restricts the use of any firearm, is a law that takes the freedom away from a citizen.  Look how long there has been battles over gun control.  How laws have been passed and how many people have lost their freedoms because a certain group of people want to control guns.


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