Country Post Office


The small town post office is a bit different then the big city.  I don’t get home mail delivery, I have to go in and open my little PO box and look in.  People out in the country get mail delivery,RFD,

Wonder how much the post office could save if they stopped home delivery in the cities.  Set up mail kiosks in the neighborhoods for people to pick up their mail.  They would save a lots on vehicles, some of the letter carries are hell on wheels.

It is such a contrast between the cities and the towns.  The city slickers whine n cry, most of the country folks go about their business.

DSCN5972 (800x652)

This little town Post Office is kind of unique because of the old building it is in.  Lots of the small towns got cookie cutter block buildings a number of years ago and the old post office building disappeared. 

Some of the wide spot villages have a pre-fab cubicle.  Maybe have 10-30 customers. 

In these little buildings, the local gossip is exchanged, how are the crops, how is the kids, or how was the trip.  They are kind of a social point.

Wonder how much longer they will last.  UPS, Fedx and the computer are replacing the mail box.  I still like to get my bills by mail and pay by mail but that is slowly changing. 

My bank was hacked a number of years ago so I am kind of leery of electronic banking.  I also like the jaunt to the post office.  Although I have gotten to know the UPS driver and we say hi when we meet. 

The paradigm of humanity keeps shifting.


One thought on “Country Post Office

  1. Less ‘connection’ in towns John, … Pensioners used to collect their weekly monies and meet and greet, but now money is directly sent to Bank accounts, more and more the chances to interact are lessening …times are always achanging… x

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