White House Abuser


Politics, living in a fish bowl.  The magnifying glass of the press reveals defects of politicians.  Being the chief executive officer of the United States really amplifies the flaws.

Obama has been under the glass for so long it is wild, yet his flaws are minuscule, except for those who look closely.  His latest speech revealed how messed up he really is.  His concern for the people of the country is non-existent.  I read one commenter, that the President appear4ed to be high on drugs as he was making his speech…… interesting.

Yet look at his choice of words for the opposing party.  It is very abusive and bullying.  Then bullies are also abusers, just that when they get older they are no longer called bullies.  Look at how Obama has used his office to abuse the laws of the land, circumventing laws as he chooses. 

Yet if the President is willing to abuse the laws of the land what else is willing to abuse.  How he abuses those who oppose him is obvious but look at his family…. are they also abused. 

When a person abuses something, the abuse is usually not limited to one thing being abused.  Look at the drug abuser, they don’t just abuse drugs, there is their family, alcohol and domestic violence.  Their surroundings also shows abuse, a cluttered and damaged surroundings.

So as I watch the President abuse the opposing party and the laws of the land, I wonder how abusive he is towards his family. 

Arrogant people see no flaws in themselves….. they see themselves as being perfect.  So when problems are brought to their attention, they are ignored.  One of the nastiest abuses this type of person inflicts, is mental abuse.

Have some friends that are counselors, mostly drug and alcohol and some domestic abuse counseling.  They note it takes 8 battering’s of a spouse in domestic violence before they come to the reality that the spouse will continue to abuse them, unless something is changed.  It is usually a separation that leads to a divorce. 

As I look at the supporters of the president I see the same pattern of behavior.  They deny any such behavior and continue to be abused.  This is very visible, what is not so visible is the domestic life of the President.  Yet it is a fairly safe assumption, that if he abuses other people and pays no attention to laws, he will treat his family in the same way.

Now how does one divorce a President.  Ask Hillary?  Her husband was very abusive in his sexual encounters.  Bill showed no concern for his wife.  Yet Hillary did not ask for a divorce. 

So many people accept abuse as a way of life any more.


One thought on “White House Abuser

  1. an interesting blog, John, so many in office seem to age quickly, and lose that sparkle they had, the newness that made people vote for them and their policies. I wonder if it changes them too?
    Inside, with so many ‘yes’ men in their inner circle, mayhap they begin to believe their own ‘spin?’ and behave accordingly. xx

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