White House …… Slaver….


Dr. Ben Carson said that the Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery.  He is so correct in his assessment, it is scary.   Slavery is a form of control over another or something. 

Supposedly the Civil War ended slavery, but slavery can take many forms.  When one is controlled by someone or something, it is a type of slavery.  One of the things that separates out absolute slavery from the other forms is the ability to opt out this lifestyle without a penalty of any kind.

Examples are work, we are controlled by our supervisors/owners, if we are an employee.  Yet at any time one can leave that job without any type of penalty.  Bosses may get upset and make all kinds of remarks but that is it, I can walk away. 

What happens when I refuse the government health care,….. I am penalized, by what is called a tax.  If I refuse to pay that tax….. what happens…. all the powers of the Federal government comes to full force on me. 

Now a slave in the 17-1800’s etc, would suffer some severe consequences also, whippings, beatings to being killed.  Look at the parallels of being a slave, prior to the Civil War and what is happening today.  Like it or not, we hostage to the government, if we don’t pay our taxes, we are looking at prison time.   Pretty nasty way to treat the people they are supposed to be helping.

Yes master will soon become a byword in society and who will be the masters?

Look what happened to the reporter that was writing a story about Homeland Security.  Her house was ransacked and her notes pertaining to the story were confiscated.  How the government has been treating its people lately is pretty damm scary.

Yet as a society we have given up so many freedoms to government laws.  No longer can one be independent, there are so many government rules to follow and like sheep, most to just roll along to a country of slaves to its government. 

Want to be strong and powerful,  Go become a politician and get elected president, You can rule with an iron fist over a flock of meek sheep.


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