Spam…… tastic


This past couple of weeks have seen hits galore on my blog site.  The spammers have been on one blog in particular, over 1000 hits on a blog I wrote over 3 years ago.  Not sure what caught their attention but it is like flies on shit.

Spam is not unusual, it is part of the deal. For the most part, they have been commercial.  Nothing vile or nasty, just looking for more readers.  Like most people I enjoy shopping and I check out some of the spam sites on occasion just to see.  Only once was it a porn site. 

DSCN4928 (600x800)

What’s interesting is how many of the spam comments are very flattering.  Could be an ego booster if they were serious.  Being an old buzzard have seen things like this in the past and will see more in the future.  Not much new in the world, outside of the gadgets. 

One of these days, I need to get a can of bacon flavored spam,  Heard it was pretty good.  Cook it up, add some eggs n taters.  Then sit in the open air and enjoy nature.  Jest get away from the spams of life.  Now to find my old cast iron skillet or grill…… heading for the great outdoors.

Have a blessed weekend.


One thought on “Spam…… tastic

  1. It could be that you backtracked on to the wrong spam site as that in itself can generate it. Sometimes the poor translation is quite hilarious and we have used some of them in performances on occassion because they were just too good not to make fun of.

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