The Joys of Snow


Woke in the morning, looked out the window and the ground was dappled with frosty flakes of snow.  Large flakes were a falling, size of quarters and bigger.  Gently they tumbled earth ward.  Sinking into the warm earth, blotting the grasses and flowers.  Fall is here.

So many people carp, gripe and complain about winter, yet it is part of God’s creation and I really don’t want to make him upset.  Plus I enjoy the white stuff, I rejoice in for it is what replenishes life.  The solid liquid awaiting the spring warmth.  I can wear some different clothes, stay warm and go forth and partake of God’s gift.

DSCN4875 (600x800)

A light dusting making new clothing of white mantles to wear for a bit. 

I know there are those who do not like snow and they tend to live in areas where it does not snow.  They have their hot summers, swelter in the humidity or eat the sands of the dessert. For them that is where they want to be.  These are the choices we have in life and many exercise their God given right to make choices. 

Man is extremely adaptable and can live under a variety of conditions.  The searing heat of the dessert, to the frozen tundra of the polar regions.  Even with the right equipment, man can live in the water.  The submarine stays underwater for months at a time.  Then man lives in space, floating high in space, encapsulated in a tiny space vessel. 

DSCN4892 (588x800)

To complain about the snow, nope for it is but a brief moment in time.  As I write this, most of the snow has melted and the temps are in the mid 40’s.  Yes Fall truly is a wondrous time of year.  The Four Seasons can be had in a week. 

Walking, time to forth chase the steps my shoes are making.  Trod gently into that good day the Lord has given me.


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