Closed….. go away


The vets did not like that idea and took matters into their own hands.  Three Cheers fro them. 

Two things over this incident; one the ease in which the police followed the orders of the White House, second how public property gets politicized. 

During Hitler’s regime in Germany, The order to eliminate opposition was blindly followed although they knew it was morally wrong to carry out Hitler’s orders.  At the Nuremburg trails, the defense that most of the Nazi’s used, “I was following orders.”  This defense was not acceptable and many of the Nazi’s were convicted of war crimes for following the leaders orders.

Following the leader is one thing, it is another not to question orders that are conflicting.  I see so many blindly following Obama is scary.  They do not question his edicts’, it is much like the German blindly following the Nazi’s orders.

The other is how Obama has treated the military.  His first 30 days in office.  He wanted the active duty military to pay for their health care, then he wanted to cut the benefits to the retired military and finally stop veterans benefits.  Obama has very low view of the military he is supposed to be commander and chief of. 

So it is not surprising that the WWII vets charged through the barricades that were erected around the memorial.  Most the vets I know have a deep dislike for the president and a few have choice syllables.  Then who would like to be labeled a terrorist after serving their country.


Within the scheme of things, the closing of national parks, monuments etc. is very minuscule in the overall picture.  I’m surprised the people that operate the concessions in the Parks…. etc. have not sued the government for loss of income, for do the parks really need to be shut down?

Look at all of the other departments, how many of them are really important, dept. of energy, dept. of education, oh the local districts run the schools, foreign aid…. and you can add your own list.

The scare tactics of the media are getting well worn and thread bare.  Then in the past, the chicken little stories from the media have worked and until wake up, chicken little will keep strutting around.

Is the federal government really that important in your life?  What do they have that you can not live with out? 


One thought on “Closed….. go away

  1. So much news on Canadian fear box TV wrt US standoff. Not saying Canadian Parliament any more grown-up – just that the media saturation could be distilled to a sound byte and then report of other news ~ for example, Canadian stuff. Hope UR well and tramping on photo shoots. Early snow on mountains near to here but not serious. Take care.

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