Choices….. How Politicians Take ….. Freedom From Us

Freedom is a funny thing and pretty difficult to understand.  Yet it is fundamental to a free society to understand what the responsibilities of the members are.  No matter how different one thinks, I am not to impose my will to make another think like I do.  It is their choice to think in their fashion.   

Having choices is one of the key underpins of freedom.  As I lose choices I lose freedom.  The first Amendment, “Freedom of Speech,” is one of freedoms of choice. 

I should be able to stand on the corner and shout my lungs hoarse and not have any body try to stop.  In variably some one will give me grief and tell me to shut up, that is their choice also.  Now if my speech is causing some one harm, then there should be consequences for my behavior and nothing about abridging my free speech.  Consequences should  be about stopping an inappropriate behavior not stopping the speech for under other circumstances it may not cause any harm.

Walking into a crowed place and yelling fire is an exercise of my free speech but is people panic and trample others then my free speech has caused harm.  For the harm caused, there should be consequences and it had nothing to do with free speech. 

Basically under this assumption I can be as big of an idiot as I want to be, just be willing the accept what happens afterwards.  Freedom has not been restricted but my own.  No others should lose freedoms because of my actions.

Yet a politician, in particular a control freak, will see the damage I caused to others and propose a law restricting how others speak because of how I behaved.  If the law is passed, many lose their freedom because of how I acted.  So the laws increase in numbers and lost freedoms increase in numbers.

Because some one did not fasten their seat belt and they are injured in a vehicle accident, the government steps in and passes a law, stating all seat belts are to be fastened. 

My freedom of choice has been lost.  Well it for your safety they will say.  No its about you restricting my freedom of choice, you being the politician.

The biggest political restriction of choice was a Constitutional Amendment, Prohibition.  Because a group people did not like alcohol, they got the a law passed saying no one could consume alcoholic beverages.  They took their will and imposed it on the general population. 

This was one of the largest behavior change laws ever passed.  Look at all the small laws passed restriction ones choices.  What kind of electricity to buy, what kind of equipment to buy for our car or appliances. 

The most restrictive law politicians pass is tax laws.  They tell one that a certain amount has to be dent to government.  One loses an amount of income to taxes, their choices on what to buy have been reduced.  Their freedom of choices has become limited.

List what other choices you lose because of a law that was passed.  Look at merchandise one can buy, bug sprays, types of materials and then drugs….. a big question.  Soon the government owns the  store and tells one what they can buy, well not really for there is only one choice on the shelf.

The government is controlling what goes in the market place and as such, controlling the population. 

Our choices and or loss there of revolves around the first amendment.  If one is restricted in what they can say, everything else downstream tumbles and freedom of choices crumbles.

What choice do you want to lose next?  So many are like jellyfish, spineless.  Got to stand up and be counted or be the sheep and led to slaughter house.  For what is sheared is mine, not theirs.


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