Water N Floods


National/International headlines, Colorado Flooding.  It has been nasty.  Water can be as devastating as any hurricane or tornado.  Across the land the water flows, carrying away things in its path.  Water the universal solvent, the lubricator, a hydraulic hammer.  Water has all these features and then some.  The amount of pressure water has is incredible, gravity pulls it down applying great down force.

Having other interests I have seen pictures of damage that does not show up in the media.  No matter, there is a tremendous amount of destruction.  I have friends and relatives that live in the affected areas and so far they have not been in harm’s way, other then getting very wet and dealing with minor problems.

The irony is, this summer Colorado was in the worst drought since the dust bowl days.  There was very little winter snow and the ground was shriveling.  The wind was nasty and dust particles were being collected by the screaming winds.  Clouds of dust were boiling over the land.  Drifts of blow dirt were forming along fence lines.  The government was offering drought relief, now it is flood relief, just a couple of months later.

IMGP7263 (800x531)

Crops were severely impacted and the farmers were crying.  Pastures were drying up, cattlemen were selling their livestock.  It was not a good situation.  Then in June the skies opened up and sent gully washers.  Creeks were running and people were rejoicing but watching the rising waters in the creeks.  Nothing major happened and people were somewhat content.  Then things dried up in August and worried eyes glanced skyward, looking for big dark clouds. 

Now the clouds have shown up and hands are wringing and praying for the rain to abate.  Yet the raging waters roar on.  All that water that was dumped along the front range id now heading east and the river that drains the front range is flooding.  There is more damage as the waters rush eastward. 

There will be major damage and people will moan and cry, yet they will rebuild.  People will come forth to help, it is the nature of man of offer help to the down and out.  The government will offer relief. 

Another day later the wounds will be healed and there will only be memories.  There will stories about the flood of 2013.  yet in the here and now there are more important things, saving what can be saved and not risking lives in the process.  Rescuing people from the dangerous situations they put themselves in. 

It becomes a déjà vu from past floods, past experiences, like an instant replay.  We try to prepare for the worst, but when it shows up, then we realize how minuscule we are.  Into the breach man will step in to help his fellow man.

Like many I live in a flood plain but it is mostly safe.  Yet if there was a major rain, the creek could rise and I could see water at the doorstep.  Yet that is the risk I take.  For the valley to fill up it would probably take a 20 inch rain or better.

So for the time being I pray for the people impacted by the floods and hope they deal with the calamity and come out of it in good spirits. 


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