Saturday Morning


The beginning of the weekend, time to relax or work the nubbins.  To reset the clock from the week of work.  Watch the morning cartoons, nice big country breakfast, leisurely enjoyed.  Saturday morning carries so many messages to people.

Today I pause for a bit in the morning.  Take my coffee cup, plop in the big easy chair, stare out the window, watch the occasional passing pick up, listen to the sounds of nature, the dusky sky becomes a peachy rose and traffic on the highway whizzes past. 

Yes it is a time for me to meditate a bit.  Reflect on what has been, contemplate what will be and organize the day some.

DSCN4436 (800x600) (2)

With the approach of autumn it is the time to prepare for the icy blasts of winter.  Finish up a few little projects, last things in the garden and some touch up on the house.  The early morning moments are a time for introspection.  No longer is it a break from school, sleep in, go hang out or head for the ball game.  Those days are ancient history.

The meditation time is a break from the agonies of daily life.  A time to slow down….. hum…. even smell the roses, if I had any.

Coffee is empty, time to do a few weekend chores.  Picks self up, takes coffee cup out to sink.  ya’ll have a great weekend and upcoming week.


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