Four O’clock Dust Storm


A storm cell showed up and did it ever kick the dust up.

DSCN4285 (800x610)

The dust turned afternoon into evening in a few minutes.  Sky obliterated, animals scrambling, birds scurrying for cover and man, well life goes on.

From, what I’ve seen, this is about as close to dust bowl it has been.  If this continues on through the summer, it is going to be rough.  The ground is so dry, that when it does rain, the moisture just rolls off and down the creek.  It would take a nice slow week long rain to abate the drought.

According to some long range forecasters, the drought is expected for a few more years.  If so it will become ugly.  Weather like this, tends to make people edgy. 

Hopefully some of this dust ends up in D.C.,shower the politicians.

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