Hated Republicans


Been lots of news about big brother snooping in the lives of republican/conservative folks of late.  Saw a picture of some college students sending a thank you not to the IRS for prying in to the business of the Tea Party.  Have heard all kinds of demonizing remarks about conservatives.

From everything I hear, the republicans got to be the most evil people that ever walked on the earth of USA.  These past few years has been one of the most hate felled decades in the history of the nation.  Even the Civil War was not this hateful, although it was ugly.

Not sure what the republicans have done to deserve such hate mongering but are the democrats pouring it on.  It seems to be working for I have met people who despise republicans, they believe what they hear.

One of the things to learn is to question things.  Do not be a lamb and follow voices blindly.

One thing I hear, “without republicans, democrats would be better off.”  Interesting comment, yet I have heard it in so many areas. 

These are the same people that extolled the virtues of Castro and the Cuban revolution, exalted Che Gueverra, put the Peron’s on a pedestal and liked Hugo Chavez.  All these people were marxists/communists.

In every instance, the country these people took over as dictators, they failed.  The people of the various countries suffered under these dictators.  Oh, the cronies of these rulers lived lavish lives but the rest of the people struggled.

So when I look at a democrat any more I see a wanna be dictator.


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