A Part of Life…… Accept it


As I sit here typing this post the snow is ending.  A blanket of white covers the ground.  Well welcomed moisture.  There are many who don’t like snow, they curse it and plain ol get mad.  It is one of those gifts from God to nourish the ground.  Being a Christian I accept that and thank God for His gift to me.  God also gave me gifts to deal with this bit of adversity, it just takes a while to understand that. 

Then there are lots of things that happen life that are even more unsettling.  Death causes so much grief but it happens.  God did not make us to be eternal.  He gave us but a few moments on earth.  So when that period ends I will go off to another phase in God’s creation.

Even the devil is a part of God’s earth.  The devil go hither and yon tempting mankind with all sorts of things.  Many succumb to these temptations.  People steal, brutalize and kill other people sometimes in massive numbers.  It has been happening for centuries.  It also presents one of the toughest questions for the God fearing person, “How does killing fit in God’s scheme?”

I can only speculate, for it is one of the mysteries of life but it happens.  God gives me tools to help deal with these tragedies and  expects to go on with life.  He also expects me to forgive the perpetrators.  That is another tough one for many, to forgive the hate of others that result in death to the people of God’s creation.

Yet it is a Biblical command to forgive others.  But to forget is another aspect, for that seldom happens. 

So when I hear about the acts of terrorism, I fully expect it.  It is just when, where and how bad will it be.  I pray for the victims and hope they will have the comfort of God’s grace.  For God gives peace like a river and his peace surpasses all understanding.  Like grace, one has but to accept it.

Mass killings are not unusual in history.  Ever since man picked up the club, others have been killed for the purpose of control and hate.   Gang warfare kills more people in one day then the bombing in Boston.  Look how many were killed by cars in a  day.  We are very adept at killing ourselves in various manners.

One of the things that bothers me is how history is taught in schools, or lack of being taught.  The mass killing of conflict are glossed over by the books of history, for the most part.  Children can not deal with that type of violence, is the excuse.

The romans killed millions of people as they conquered the world.  Then there is the lions and the  Christians.  Roman soldiers pillaged villages, killing the men and raping the women.  It is a story that still goes on in parts of the world.

Knowing how brutal man can be, prepares me for the inevitable.  It also helps to keep me alert to things around me.  I have seen some pretty nasty and ugly things during my tenure on this planet but life goes on.  Am I cold and indifferent, not really but I am realistic and pragmatic.

Why do some remain calm and others go off the end into collapse?



One thought on “A Part of Life…… Accept it

  1. I think we all respond in very different ways, John, ’tis ever the case…History should be taught plain and simple, as it happened, but then how much of history has been changed to suit the ruling faction at the time.. Many Kings of England for example, had their predecessors names blackened at their will. Shakespeare himself made Richard the 3rd a hunchback and killer, when ’twas a terrible lie.. whilst others had their dark deeds whitewashed… Men and women can be brutal, but many more can show that there is hope for the future.. Balance in all things… and a balanced outlook, but sometimes when reading horrific headlines…’tis difficult to hold onto that thought…. xPenx

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