Warm summer…. Not a hot one

Wouldn’t that be wishful thinking, summer without any hot days.  Last week was so nice, I was outside just puttering around, trying to clean up the garden beds.  It was in the low 70’s and upper 60’s.  Great weather to be in.  Very little breeze, clear blue skies and late afternoon white fluffs popping up.  Wore a light shirt, worked around the house picking up and cleaning out the winter leftovers.  Tumble weeds gather in the corners and catch on fences. 

Thought to my self, wouldn’t it be nice if the summer was like this.  No days of 90 degrees, light breezes, scattered clouds.  Oh that would be so nice but I know the heat of summer is on the way.  So I try to do some of the heavy work in the cool of spring.  I no like sweating, watching my water drip off my brow.

Reality strikes back though, back into the forties it went.  High humidity and bitter winds.

IMGP7039 (800x517) 

Did get in a country jaunt before the cold showed up.  It was cooler n a slight wind but nice.  The little critters are out and the mom’s are parading in the pasture.

Been making short videos of windmills running and adding some music.  Been coming out interesting.  Just takes so long to download to youtube.  I have a beginning collection of windmill pictures, in particular the old wooden tower windmills.   Not many of them left that operate.  Used a tripod to take the videos. there was enough wind, it was still shaky.  Next time in the wind I will probably hand hold.  I shake less then then the tripod.

The oil boom is reaching into our area.  There are wells here and there, not many but one is a lots for here. 

IMGP7047 (800x520)

Now if there would be some nice spring rains.  Things are so dry.  The pastures are pretty barren and not much wheat is peeking out of the ground.  Gonna be higher prices at the food store.  The drought along with the goofed up political mess we have, gonna make the next few years very expensive.  It will be a struggle for many to make it.

Now how to get the climate to really change to my liking.


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