Chicken Little Democrats


Not sure how many times the liberals are going to go to the scare well but it has worked in the past.  So as long as the faithful liberals keep buying into the manufactured tragedies the liberals will keep using the bully pulpit of scare the people.  Quite frankly I believe it is almost impossible to shut down the federal government.  Yet I am to the point, let em wither on the vine.  No longer are they heedful to the people.  The bureaucrats cause more problems then they solve.  They supposed to help the people they govern, not hinder them are be a threat.  I read that now about 55% of the people in the US believe the federal government is a threat to them.  On the other hand 55% approve of Obama, the government leader.  Go figure……

DSCN1695 (1024x768) (3) 

The government worker makes about 22% more in wages then their counterpart in the private sector.  So a pay cut for bureaucrats would cause no harm.  They would keep their jobs and still make nice money.  Bottom line….. they would help their country to ease up on the debt.

Read about a low low level government administrator, $325,000.00 a year salary.  What kind of job warrants that kind of income as a bureaucrat.  What kind of risk do they take.  How much of their own money do they invest in their job.  There is a small Department of Education office in the neighboring town.  They recently advertise for a head administrator in the office.  Starting salary was over $200.000.00 a year and could go upwards to over $300,000.00 a year.  They have very little responsibility or risks to take but look at the size of those salaries.  How many people could have jobs at $50,000.00 a year?

Their whole justification is they have a college degree and maybe some graduate work. 

Inflated wages is but one rotten aspect of the government.  The other is the handouts.

The government gives money to big oil.  The windmill/electric people use this as an excuse to justify the money they get from the Feds.  Then there are the entitlements…. a whole separate rant.  hehe.

So you got your bomb shelter stocked or maybe it is the millennium shelter of Mayan debacle shelter all stocked and ready to deal with the government failure after the sequester?

If Obama was a president that was concerned for the country he was elected to serve over he could deal with the problems in a very positive way.  It appears that his interest is more in belittling the Republicans that helping the people of his country.




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