Facebook and other meanderings

There are times I wonder about people and their attitude.  It is bad enough with the politicians.  Then they tend to be highly visible and set an example.  So many people emulate the politico’s. 

Tried to open another facebook page and got squashed after a few days.  Same thing came up, You have been disabled.


Upon investigation, we have determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook. You can view our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities at the following address: 

Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

When I was first disabled I thought I had been hacked, I play poker and had done fairly good, over 30mil in chips.  There are those who like to steal, even if its free they will steal.  But a message like this tells me something else was going on.

There are people who like to complain, about most anything and sometimes things get pretty nasty.  Few people like to debate/argue anymore.  Instead they jump on the bully soap box and try to intimidate.  If that doesn’t work, they go cry to big brother, in this case facebook.  Not sure if it was politics or something else but it got me dumped and for no reason.

The e-mail from facebook struck me in another manner.  It came across as a polite dictator.  Facebook said we have to give you no reason and don’t question us, john…. You have been dumped.  They use the stand by, safety and security to justify their attitude..

Then having the attitude of a dictator should not be surprising.  So many people have that arrogant touch, do as I say, do not question me.

With all of the banter about gun control there has been some focus on Chicago and their high murder rate and killings.  Gangs have been responsible for most of the killings.  The ultimate in the life of a dictator, kill those who do not do as you say, show people who is in charge, kill em.

The dictator attitude is growing and the violence of gangs is but one example.  Look around and watch some people how they treat others. 

Facebook is riding on the crest of the wave for now.  How long they will stay there is debatable.  They have not sunk in the vires and bug quagmire that MySpace went into, yet.  It is amazing how many people use fscebook and it is a service, for the good guys and the bad guys.  Like it or not, the villains will use facebook.  It has been used by the terrorists, rioters, protestors and other assorted hustlers.  Then that is part of life.

Hopefully facebook people will have a reality check and get a handle on their attitude.  If not another competitor will roll out and there will be competition.

So it is somewhat of a farewell to some I have met over the net.  Some I will stay in touch with thru the blogs and the google circle.



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