A Facebook Dump


Not sure what happened or why but my facebook page was dumped by facebook.  I’m assuming someone hacked in but I was not told why my page was disabled.  I went to log in one evening and a note came up saying my page had been disabled.  Nothing specific as to why, it was gone.  They could of sent me an e-mail but they did not have the courtesy for that either.  Bang….. just like that, I’m history.

I’ll try to open a new page and see what happens.  It will be a pain for some of the facebook friends were from the days on Windows Live Spaces from quite a few years ago.  Hopefully some kind of reconnection can be made. 

What aggravates me the most is the way facebook handled it.  No notice no warning, plug was pulled.

Well onwards and upwards.  Gonna keep the rant to two words…… Dam it.


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