The Daily Intrusion of Politics

It gets to be aggravating all the runs and corners one travels and there is Big Brother.  It is amazing how many different places government is any more.  Operate a small business, hire a clerk just for the government paperwork.  Send a kid off to school, the teacher spends more time doing paperwork then teaching.  Try to take a tire to a landfill, get ready for writers cramps and open the purse.  Look at all that is required to get a driver’s license.  The laundry list just grows.  Oh my favorite, the smoking laws.

Every time a new law is passed, someone loses a bit of freedom.  People sometimes just do not grasp that.  Laws go cross board and are supposed to be evenly applied.  So if a law is for a special interest, choices around that are lost.  If I pass a law to stop a certain behavior, what other behaviors will it impact.  Freedom in a small space has been restricted, a touch of freedom has been lost. 

But when one gets adamant about controlling other people through laws, they lose sight that the law is just as applicable to them.  That is why some laws have exemptions in them.  So are laws with exemptions Constitutional?

IMGP6446 (1024x680)

Now we have a new law, referred to as obamacare.  How many freedoms are lost in this so called affordable healthcare act.  No longer can I go out and buy my own health package, I have to go through a government agency.  Forget the costs, look at the duress the government puts on the citizens it is supposed to serve.  If I do not got through a government agency, I am fined, even if I chose t opt out.  It was ruled a tax….. interesting, if I refuse something, I am taxed. 

Taxes are one of the most forceful things the government has.  The government agency that collects the taxes, Internal Revenue Service, has very compelling powers.  It is probably one of the most feared agencies in the government.

Yet that is how other government agencies are headed, fearful.  Many are no longer to serve the people that support them.  They make tremendous demands on the populace and if there is not compliance, the government agents show up on the doorstep. 

So how did we get to this growing police state.  Lots has to do with the politicians.  Most are not interested in government.  They want the perks of the office, become personalities.  So they focus of being re-elected rather then biting the bullet and doing some things that are not real popular.

Look at all of the different penalties that are paid to government and what do we get back……. more bickering.  The federal government gets way to much money and they do not care about the little man any more.  Just who will the next big donor be for re-election and when will they be on TV.  Government is out of control but to get it back to serve the citizens is the next thing.



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