Things WE Approve Of


Read the other day that the president’s approval rating was over 60%.  That’s higher then his reelection margin was.  Couple of things strike me, what are we approving and is it a real poll.

To approve what the president is doing indicates what the society wants from the government. 

As a society we say that it is okay to have high unemployment, low job creation and an expanding poor class of citizenry.  There are now over 50 million people on food stamps, poverty, and I don’t know how many of welfare.  As a country, this is what the majority of citizens that live in it want, a growing lower class of citizens, a shrinking middle class.

The citizens also approve of the violation of the law.  Recently the courts stated that Obama had violated the Constitution.  He has been accused of that numerous times.  Look at illegal immigration, the buzz topic now.

Then there is the use of executive order, getting the bureaucracy to make regulations that impose a burden on business.  One of the biggest complaints of business is the excess rules and regulations. 

Then there is the healthcare.   So many want from the government yet who will pay.  The fat cats, the super rich will be taxed at a higher rate.  60% of the citizens approve of higher taxes. 

They also approve of belittling the republican party.  It is okay to demonize others but don’t say anything about me.  It is amazing what people approve of.

So really what does one approve of.

Is it really 60% of the people that approve of Obama’s job.  Do people really like to see others out of work.  Do they like to see people falling into poverty.  Do they like to pay higher taxes so a few can get richer.

DSCN3251 (1024x762)

Does the media like to twist data around so that people are  glorified at the expense of others while demonizing others.  Why has the media become so hateful.

To me it is embarrassing to see so many people out of work and subsisting on the government dole.  The richest country in the world can not help its citizens find work, help create jobs.

This is the third recession I’ve lived through.  It is also the longest.  Even under Jimmy Carter the turn down only lasted a couple of years.  And then when the next president tried a stimulus it did not work.  Then the government has not been very successful in moving the economy.  Something politicians can’t get a handle on.

So What is it we really are approving, poverty and a down trodden society….. is that the legacy you want.


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