Being Presidential

I didn’t watch the inauguration, but I did read some articles and there were the pictures.  Two things struck me, the pomp and ceremony of royalty and aging.

Politicians are slowly evolving into a royal family club.  So much money is lavished on them, they make the kings and queens of Europe look like pikers.  Your choice of political party, both live extremely lavish lifestyles.  There are dukes, princess and princesses who would be envious of their lifestyles.

They get very large expense accounts, a generous staff and budget for their office.

Looking at the events, it came across as watching a royal coronation.  The royal family in oohs and ahhs.  We the taxpayers foot the bill…. harumph.

DSCN3235 (1024x768)

The other was the aging.  Obama is no longer the young vibrant looking stud.  Then there was Bill Clinton, the antique fossil.  Bush in his last years in office was frazzled looking and very worn out. 

To me this points to reasons to start looking at shorter terms for presidents.  The last two years Bush was in office, he gave the impression he was marking time.  Clinton carried on the same way. There is lots of pressure leading a country, from both the opposition and the international front.   About 6 years puts lots of stress on a person.  Maybe one term of 6 years and that’s it.

Oh maybe do like the brits, their Prime Minster goes out to pasture without a pension.

Then maybe term limits for all members of congress.  That would be nice.



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