How Dry I Am


During the days of Prohibition that was the title of a ditty that would be sung.  Today it refers to the weather.

There have been dabs of snow but seldom more the nan inch.  We need a good snow, measured with a yardstick.  Without the moisture there will not be many crops or grass for livestock.

When the front came trough last week the wind kick up pretty good and it was blowing dust.  There was more dirt in the air then there was snow.  It is getting pretty ugly dry around here and I read that we are not alone.  The drought stretches from the gulf up to Canada.  This is the major bread basket for the country.  This is the land of grains and cows.  Big Mac’s, wieners, pasta and cereals. 

If moisture does not show up, the price of food will be going up.  Add inflation and it will be more expensive to live in the upcoming months.  Then add the tax hikes in for the different programs, there are going to be some poor people running around crying.

DSCN3173 (1024x759)

The grasses should be covered with snow, not tufts sticking out.  Here the cattle graze, well used to but if there is no grass.  Many ranchers are selling off their cattle for they have no food for them.  Less cattle for market, the price of meat will go up.  It also places a larger demand on feed for livestock which takes away form other grain production.

Drive out across the country, the furrows of fields are empty where there should be strips of green in the furrows.  Farmers planted crops last fall in hopes of moisture.  They also planted knowing that even if the crop fails they will get money from the government.

People like the farmers will not suffer much from the drought because of the government money but boy will they complain and cry over no moisture.

Who will hurt are the poor people for they seldom have surplus income, and that includes the people on welfare.  The seniors will also be penalized because of food price increases.

Like it or not, Mother Nature, plays a major role in our lives.  For some it is not man that influences nature, it is nature that influences man.

DSCN3146 (1024x686)

If moisture does not show up this spring, there will be lots of changes and it won’t be from the government. 

Lots of our food production goes to exports.  With the drought, domestic food prices may jump enough where it will be better so sell in the domestic market.  We do get some of our food from imports.

It will be interesting to see how the drought influences our lifestyles over the next couple of years.  If I remember right, drought cycles last 3-5 years.

Gonna have to dust off that old prohibition dry song, How Dry I Am.  Maybe make a top 10 tune….. heheheh


2 thoughts on “How Dry I Am

  1. That hehehe was evil, John. Just evil. Still, a good post. I asked the county extension agent for plans for the rabbit hutch. The free standing one. He is going to mail them to me. For the information, he said I was not the first, nor only one asking.

    • There are a few around, mostly from the catches at the country fair, but there are other uses. I have pretty good collection of bunnies that hang out in the junk piles next door. Attracts the coyotes, hawks, owls and feral cats.
      Rabbit pelts make good warm leggins and mittens etc.

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