Getting Comfortable

There are some things in life I just do want to get rid of but it has to happen.  Clothing is what I’m referring to.  There are some pieces of clothes that grow on me and as the wear they become very confortable.  They start becoming ratty, holey, thread bare and well used looking but I still wear them.  Particularly shirts, pants I would like to but there are times when the ventilation shows up in the wrong area although on the warm summer days it feels pretty good.

DSCN2661 (1024x768)

Sometimes I’ll have a wake for the demise of a comfortable shirt and then the next day go dig it out and wear it some more.  Collars don’t bark at me, they do tickle at times with all the loose threads. 

Wish clothes did not wear out when I find ones that are comfortable.

Shoes are my bane.  I have worn them through to the other side of the treads.  I used to take my boots and shoes in and have them re-soled and new heels put on them.  Wear them until the snow oozed forth between the sole and uppers.  Comfortable shoes/boots are not easy for me to find for an eee width. 

Tennis shoes are a long wake.  Those I can not fix, I wear them until they are in pieces almost.  Have a pair of mocs I have worn for years.  Make great yard shoes.  If they get muddy I brush them off after drying out.  So far they are still in one piece but there is a day when shreds will roll off the toes.

DSCN2595 (768x1024)

Oh I do buy new clothes but it takes so long to get em comfortable if ever.  Some are worn once or twice and set aside for a later date.  Every once and a while I buy some clothes that are so comfortable they become well used in a hurry.

End of summer I put up the lighter clothes and a few went to the cleaning rag pile but not without a few moments of silence.  Hopefully a few will clothes this winter will become comfortably thread bare for next summer.

Yet in the spring of next year I will be found in the aisles of the local clothing store browsing clothes.  Is that comfortable or just look that way.  I’ll look at the raveled collar the tiny vacancies in the thread and say I can wear it another summer.

Oh do I hate parting company.


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