Treasures over there


There it is, just off the highway on a side street.  Gotta turn the wheel, go round the corner, pause a bit.  Otherwise one flies past the ,many tid bit treasures hid on the back waters of small town USA.  Well not everyone calls them treasures, for some it is trash.  Like so many things, depends on your view.

DSCN2504 (1024x768)DSCN2509 (1024x768)

The collection of stuff was amazing, was it a store, I have no idea, I just wanted pictures.

Some day, well yes, it is a someday item and someday I will go past and pause longer to check things closer.  For know I can browse my pictures.

DSCN2506 (1024x768)

It is this kind of place I like to window shop.  Many of these things I have seen from the window while driving down the road or out on the farm.  In a way it is almost a museum, at least a trip down memory lane.

It appears to be well organized.  Walkways among the stuff.  Neat piles.  No junkyard dog.

Off the beaten path, pausing for a bit in small town America.


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