What is it to sacrifice?  To give something up.  During the recession so many have lost their jobs, many of no fault of their own.  Layoffs were a common occurrence, companies closing.  Onto the government dole went many people,

So how many government workers did you hear of getting laid off?  In our area it was teachers who got the pink slips.  Other government employees, none got  laid off that I know of.  One of the more critical jobs we pay taxes for took the brunt of the economy.

Look at what the politicians are saying about the economy.  Are any talking about cut backs in pay for government employees and or layoffs?  What kind of sacrifice is forthcoming from the bureaucrats and politicians to help the taxpayer?

When there is a downturn in the economy it is the everyday worker that takes it in the drawers.  The government workers just keep on drawing their check.  Who do the politicians say should help?  The people on the dole, welfare, food stamps… etc.  Government layoffs are not even mentioned.

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Why is it the work a day Joe has to sacrifice the job and the taxes do not stop being paid to the bureaucrats.

The average government worker makes 20-25% more then their counterpart in the private sector.  So the public employee could take a pay cut and still make a nice wage, better then average. 

The public sector has become bloated but do the politicians talk about the wages they pay?  Government sacrifice is not in their lexicon. 

Bet that if there was an across the board pay cut of 10% that the national debt could be reduced by 50% or better.  Low level government administrators make 6 figure incomes into the 200-300,000.00 dollar range.  What government job is so critical and pressurized to warrant that kind of pay?  Most government jobs are cookie cutter work.  I don’t even want to talk about incompetence.

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One of the things one can do is to bug their congressman and ask them what kind of sacrifice their agencies are going to make to help the country?  In this day and age of electronics it is easy to send your Representative an e-mail, they all have one.

Why should the private sector take the brunt of the bad times. 

Politicians gripe about welfare, but what really is welfare?  Look at all of the people that get government checks.  When we send tax dollars to DC….. what do you want in return?  Let the politico’s know.

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We’ve had some rain but it won’t last long.  We could use some more buckets of wet stuff.  Cost of living is going to climb, not only at the food store, also the gas pumps and other places.  The government wants to throw more money out to those dealing with the drought, farmers.  This will push prices up even higher for it will be more taxes floating across the desks of bureaucrats.

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3 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. The Supreme Courtroom of Canada has opened the door to making it possible for overseas multinational organizations to dodge their Canadian tax liabilities by siding with British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline in its 20-year tax struggle with the federal federal government.

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    The federal government effectively argued in Tax Courtroom that making use of the “reasonable” prices to Glaxo Canada would have enhanced the subsidiary’s net cash flow for 1990 to 1993 by $51 million. Nevertheless the Federal Courtroom of Appeal in July 2010 overturned the Tax Court’s decision and rejected the department’s argument that honest sector benefit paid by generics was the suitable evaluate. It sent the calculation again to the Tax Courtroom for the redetermination.

    Creating for your Supreme Courtroom, Justice Marshall Rothstein explained in the ruling introduced Thursday the Tax Court “erred in refusing to choose account of the licence arrangement.”

    “The generic comparators will not reflect the economic system and small business fact of Glaxo Canada and, at the very least devoid of adjustment, do no reveal the price that would be fair inside of the circumstance, experienced Glaxo Canada and Adechsa been dealing at arm’s length.”

    Queen’s College tax legislation authority Artwork Cockfield explained the ruling is mostly a gain for Glaxo and fioricet could prompt most people to adopt leading-edge cross-border tax structures to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions.

    “There’s large flows planning back again and forth and companies have an incentive to recreation the model by shifting profits nearly always towards the lowest-tax nation,” he stated. “It’s undesirable for Canada when you consider that it supports aggressive global tax organizing that sends revenues outdoors of your country.”

    Canada’s lesser company tax amount compared to U.S. could, but nevertheless, insulate it from this sort of financial gain shifts involving businesses with functions on either side for the border, Cockfield added.

  2. In Canada the last five years have witnessed increasing ‘dehiring’ (their fancy word) of government employees at federal/provincial levels. This has created unseemly wait times for services or costly services with ‘outsourcing’ (their fancy word) of social, health and other government-funded services. In some cases, employees had to be rehired. The 2011 cuts are replayed as a mantra to reduce expenditures of government but some outsourcing show to be negligent, particular, recent exposure of tax-funded hospitals using profit-minded janitorial services and hospitals not sanitary. I think we have to reduce expenses – that much is obvious – but we can’t toss the baby out with the H2O.

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