Earth…. Terra Firma


Earth Day has came and went.  In the little home town burg it was not even noted.  I only remembered  it because I read about it from others.  What does Earth Day mean any more? 

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Forever the landscape changes.  Man moves and rearranges the shapes and Nature battles back to reclaim the changes.  Pyramids, monuments to these changes.  Man’s quest for immortality. 

Raging torrents, smoke, flames soar over the sky.  Remodeling at work.

Litter used to be a bane, nowadays it is part of the landscape.  Have the environmentalists went to far and lost sight of daily life.  Even in the little burg there should have been a simple litter pick up.  Has the battle over global warming… oops I mean climate change pushed the little things off the table.  As we litter it points to bigger problems of pollution.  There is lots of indifference in society today in regards to the environment that we live in.

Like many things greed sets in and no longer is the cause noble, it has become a green chase for big bucks.

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People today, walk into their home, flip the switch and expect the light to turn on.  Turn the television on, check the mail on the computer, play e-games, cook on a stove and the list of gadgets goes on that we expect to be powered.

No longer does one have to render the tallow and make candles, find oil for the lamp, gather wood for the stove.

Is man willing to give up this lifestyle and turn the clock back over 100 years and have to gather all the little necessities to live by.  Overheard a comment, he wanted the land returned to the way it was 100 years ago.  Thought to my self, wonder if would be willing to be a lemming and jump off the cliff.

There were only 100’s living back then, not millions.  Lots of people would have to die to return the land to the way it was a 100 years ago.

Yet the earth needs to be tended to and taken care of.  Not jawboned about something that is maybe.  Stewardship of the earth is not easy and the reality of things need to be looked at not imagined things or in theory.

There is but one earth to live on.


2 thoughts on “Earth…. Terra Firma

  1. good post, John. ya i wondered what earth day was really for.

    would be good to get back to good stewardship, but methinks there are not enough people of similar mindset to make a difference. greed is the new green. ;S

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