The Terror Within


As a country we so often focus on threats from outside the country.  Yet most dictators/tyrants have been home grown.  The Banana Republics and Africa seem to have new dictators every other year.  Government overthrows are not limited to other countries, the USA could fall victim to that very easy.

DSCN1039 (768x1024)

This is the grave of a German WWII POW buried in a US national cemetery.  After the war no one in Germany claimed his remains.  So today he still resides in the US.

For me this is a reminder of what the New World Order is about.  Germany and Japan, the axis powers were going to conquer the world and be rulers.  It is also a reminder that these so called world rulers rose to power in their home country.  The axis allies citizens followed their leaders blindly, not all, into an armed conflict.

Could it happen in the US, you bet.  There is always a level of unrest in the populace and can boil over in many ways.  The unrest ebbs and flows as the whims of the politicians swing back and forth.

Back at the turn of the 20th century there was lots of turmoil in the country.  communism was very real and threatening. 

Is the head of communism rearing its head again?  Well it has never went away, just been subdued.  There are large groups that believe Karl Marx had the answer to the class warfare of the haves and have nots.  It is an age old scenario that has been going on for eons and will be used by manipulators to gain an advantage over the general populace.

So where are the fascists, they are still around, the Nazi party crawls out of the cellar at times.  Fascism does not have the appeal of Marxism because it is not taught in the colleges as being acceptable like Marxism is.

So as I watch the scene of national politics unfold I watch how the different parties treat each other.  When dictatorial comments are used by the candidates my hackles stand on end.  Both sides use these comments of control and one has to beware.   Is that candidate another Stalin or a Hitler.

The first two years of the Obama administration has been the closest we have came to a dictator.  The democrats could pass any legislation they wanted and they did.   Look at how much they spent and the healthcare bill.  Look at how Obama has consolidated numerous executive powers under the Presidency.

For the party in power it may look good, but for the people it does not bode well.  As more power is given to the few, the less the people have.  Wonder how much power the republican president will grab and then what will the democrats say.  For the democrats will not be in power for ever unless the people allow it and this gives rise to dictators.

Odd as it sounds there should be a balance of powers in government and it is eroding and it will depend on how the citizenry reacts over the next few months. 

Hate the republicans or love them, they are necessary as is the constitution.  Without a bi-caramel system the country tilts to one side or the other and the people become losers.  Look how Russian went, look what happened to the Axis powers.

One thing I hope for is that either party never have another super majority like the democrats  had a while back. 

So I keep Karl Baatz on the back burner and remember what happens when a country gets out of whack.

Oh, there was a recent report of the growth of militia’s in the US.  Do not associate them with the right wing only.  For some of the most violent groups in the country are the left wing environmental extremists.

What page of history are we repeating?



One thought on “The Terror Within

  1. A side note for you: Just inside the German border, just out side the point of the Netherlands border with Germany, there is a small graveyard, well tended.

    As one enters the gates and orients onesellf, one notices a large tomb stone, replica of the Iron Cross. Just to the viewers right of that monument is a somewhat smaller stone.

    The large stone is inscribed to a German; the smaller to an American fighting man. I’ve often wished I could remember the name of the American, but I had personal concerns at the time.

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