Looking for Cheese

I post on a couple of other forums plus facebook.  One of the things that has been popping up is how easy people whine anymore.  They act so helpless.  It is almost as they expect someone to fly over and sprinkle fairy dust on them and all will be well.

There is some turmoil in the local schools over money cuts and programs.  Again lots of griping but few willing to bite the bullet and deal with the issues.

Geography is another trouble spot.  So many ask where is it.  Rather then doing some looking, they whine expecting me to tell.  Well the door is well marked: MEN.  Then they ask, where is it?  I slowly boil up into an aggravating chuckle and……. guffaw.

History is the other pet peeve.  It’s like the schools want to avoid teaching some history for it will upset their agenda.  The world according to, GARP.  So many do not know to get a book out and look up information or they do not want to.

Yet here on the internet is one of the fastest tools for looking up info. 

Now the circle, what are the schools missing?  By all test scores and standards that have been set forth, all the government programs have been failures.  Graduation rates are lower, students are less educated.  Oh there are exceptions but overall.  So when will people admit that big government in schools is a failure?

Look at how successful schools were in the early 20th century.  These little schools produced the people that invented the phone, light bulbs and even the computer. 

So when I hear whining I wonder who failed?


Such is life, there are foibles and successes.

So often the focus is on the failures and the successes are just there.

Wonder if there would of ever been an apple if Steve Jobs would have been a whiner…….?  His mother chose to not have an abortion and gave him up for adoption.



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