Snow Day

The snow gods are smiling upon us at last.  I know, I’m an oddball,  I like snow.  I love watching it rearrange in patterns on the landscape, cover things and kind of make life miserable for a short time.  Yet it is this white stuff that brings the flowers of spring and the greenery.  The nourishment of the land.

Like many, I do not try to fight it.  For it happens no matter how hard the combat zone is, nature will run its course.IMGP4847 (800x531)

The soft lacy flakes lay out their pattern.  Making the nuisance tumbleweed a bit of beauty for a moment.   Soon the beauty will fade into a memory and life will move on.

In the future the green shoots will usher forth from the ground.  While man struggles against the snow.

Vehicles slip and slide, visiting ditches,bouncing off curbs.  Backs will ache, coated shovels mute in their work.  Prints across the white mantle, wildlife searching out a tiny morsel.

Business cry because of lost job time, others shout with joy for the extra work they will get.  Banged up cars, more snow shovels/blowers, wreckers towing more cars.  Life evens out, no matter the noise.  Man struggles to control nature, the leash is broken as nature scoots along.

IMGP4849 (800x531)

What is so important in life to go do battle with the snow storm.


May you have a blessed day.


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