Windy Times

Would make a good headline for the political debates and campaign trail.  So much hot air spews forth from Campaign trail it becomes a load to beat. 

What this is about is the wind is a blowin, not bad, 30 to 60 mph.  Enough of a breeze to move things around, like trash etc.  As fronts pass through the wind kicks up and the neighbors lose stuff sets sail.  One thing about living in the country is learning how to deal with the elements.  Make sure lose things are secure or anchored someway. 

60mph is not bad, I have been heavier winds, over 120mph.  Those get serous and cause major damage.  Major hurricane and tornado winds, batten the hatches down and ride it out. 

Nature has a furry that has no equal.  Yet man tries to duplicate with its bombs and machinery of destruction. 

When I lived in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, winds of 100 mph were not unusual and gusts over 120 occurred at times.  Had a friend who built a house by the Air Academy.  He built it using concrete and stucco, to withstand winds of over 150mph.  The Air Academy has clocked winds over 120mph so he wanted to be relatively safe.

Out here on the prairie the wind does not howl quite as fast.  It do blow a lots though and the tumble weeds get re arranged a lots.  Usually they get bound up in the fences and if it snows, makes for a big snowdrift. and repairs later. 

IMGP4461 (2) (1024x674)

Like so many things in the country, the wind gets griped at yet what good does it do.  The wind will blow where it pleases and when it pleases.  Not much man can do about it but complain.

The wind also makes a good metaphor, the hawk. the wayward one…. or your choice.

Things that had been on the north forty are now on the south 100. 


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