Horrors….. gone shopping

Watched a horror program the other night.  It wasn’t so much a scary story as it was a scary mind trip.  The mind has so much capacity to create it is beyond comprehension.  And that’s what this show was about, the travels of the mind.

Where does the inner thoughts lead a person, what is real, is there a distortion, what am one seeing?  In the magic of video and acting the mind trips can be recreated to flirt with reality.

IMGP4549 (425x640)

Deep within the dark recesses of the mind lies unfathomable stories of horror, real or imagined.   It is on these thoughts that the craftsman plies the word craft. 

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the more famous ones, then there was Mary Shelly’s tale and the king of horror, Alfred Hitchcock.  Their stories play out on our fears/phobias.  Monsters lurk around corners, fly with the full moon, walk darkened streets or are crafted in a laboratory.

Dreamscapes paint pictures brought to life with the pen of writers.  Generation to generation tales were passed on.  Evil spirits roamed the country side looking to wreck havoc on the unsuspecting passer by.  The mind’s eye creates fear that rises to the bait of the craftsman.  A ringing bell at midnight, clouds passing over the moon, loud footsteps on the walk, distant howling and so forth, evoke a level of fear in many.

The spinning of a story to scare……… begins in the eye of darkness.  Which direction will the screw turn, when will it turn, what is on the other side?  Are there ghosts, spirits of the dark side, what travels in the mind’s eye? 


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