Christmas Time

Now that Christmas is less then a week, I will now began getting into the mood.  I do not like mob scenes let alone shopping.  Hence I am becoming a grinch.  It has also made me pause and wonder what the purpose of Christmas is?

Like so many things in christainity, the tradition of christmas has its roots in a pagan ritual.  There is no festival in the Bible proscribing the celebration of christmas.  There are a lots of other festivals but no christmas.

In the Bible story of Christ’s birth, who were the gifts for, why the visitors and why is the story even told?


Snow is flying, wind howling, cold air biting, it is the season of winter.  The warm festivities of cold short days brighten up the darkness of winter.  A light travels over the darkness.  Warmth of light chases the cold chills to the back.  Inside, the howling wind is muted.  Warm drinks brighten the soul.

Go forth, celebrate the most precious gift of all, accept it.  It can not be bought, for it is already in the heart.  Let it grow, become a part of the body.



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