Autumn Moments


Sun travels faster, leaving earlier, showing up later.  The seasons move across the road, traveling a path of their own destination.  Giving way to the next act.  There are repeats that are not instant replays.  Motion going forward, not repeating.

Harvest of the season, under the moon.  Gathering of the fruits for the short days.  Cold snows sit on the sill, waiting their turn.  Golden colors dapple the horizon.  Palette brushes the ridge line, sparkling glint of eves day.

Soon the north wind will draw the curtain aside and whistle through the cracks, rifting the timbers, rifling down chimneys.

Pleasant cool afternoons to wander the path, looking at the paining set before.  A time of change, ending never.  On toes of past, traveling forward, looking back not.

Autumn of life is arriving, a journey that will pass, leaving a space of memories.

Frosted pumpkin, barren branches appear, brown grasses wave.  Last minute preparations, critters scamper about, others curl into dens.

DSCN0483 (480x640) (480x640)

It is a nice weekend to be out and about.  Enjoy Yours.

One thought on “Autumn Moments

  1. a great descriptive blog on Autumn John, always the end of Summer brings a reluctance to wear warmer clothes and cover up, but the cold chill with it’s ever searching fingers soon gets you searching out your Winter Wear… xx

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