Old Threshers Day…… VI


One of the old days is the old time entertainment.  The singing, with maybe an instrument, something small, a fiddle, harmonica or a dulcimer maybe.  Guitars and pianos were just plain ole big to lug over the prairie in a covered wagon, although a few made it.  There was always the washboard and maybe some spoons.  Otherwise music was pretty simple. 

There were some singers that sang during the lunch hour.  Some good picking and twanging to go with the barbecue.  There were a couple of large canopies with picnic tables under them and a PA system was set for the entertainment.   They had their guitars and a good nasal twang, good ole down home singin’.

DSCN0443 (640x480)

Later s fiddler showed up and the hoe down was under way.

Collections, never have I seen so many collectible collections.

DSCN0328 (640x480) (2)DSCN0342 (480x640)DSCN0394 (640x334)DSCN0393 (640x480)DSCN0404 (640x480)DSCN0445 (640x480)

And there were also quilts.  What is an old time day without a quilt or two.

DSCN0398 (480x640)

Jump in the Ox wagon and go for a ride around the grounds.

DSCN0390 (640x480)


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