Old Threshers Day …. III


The Old Threshers had their own little plot of land and in one corner they laid out a little town.  One room school houses and other buildings were hauled in from the country.  Each represented a different business that had been found in the town.  Boardwalks lined the buildings and inside were a variety of displays people had donated to and put together.

DSCN0353DSCN0355 (640x480)

Each of the buildings had their own caretakers and in between were a few vendors.  It was like walking down main street small town.

DSCN0358 (640x449)DSCN0359 (640x612)DSCN0363 (640x480)

The streets had a few trees and it was a pleasant walk.

DSCN0368 (480x640)

There were also old time accommodations.


DSCN0370 (553x640)DSCN0379 (480x640)DSCN0385 (640x473)


Do some praying before visiting the old time dentist, return home to some home baked goodies.  Notice the butter churn on the counter.

Ever had homemade butter n fresh buttermilk.

It has taken some work and time to build all the different displays and I am thankful for their effort.  Preserving a piece of the past many will forget.

2 thoughts on “Old Threshers Day …. III

  1. Blogger doesn’t care for comments from WordPress users, evidently.

    Thanks for visit, John. Been enjoying the pictures and the tour – you haven’t mentioned where it was held.

    The “other accomendations” needed a few pages from the catalogs.

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