Not By Design


There are things in life that happen by planning and then there are things that occur by chance.  Working by design takes lots of effort and planning, it is also very rewarding.  Those that happen by chance are a deep pleasure, make a warm fuzzy feely moment. 

I enjoy photography and in particular railroad photography.  While back I was setting up to take some train pictures and I disturbed a four legged critter’s sleep.


IMGP3252 (640x425)

I was walking along an overpass to catch the train [passing below and up from under the bridge popped this youngster.  I was startled but gathered myself together to get the camera up for some pictures.  He paused and stared back at me.

This went on for sometime.  One step forward, click of the shutter, pause and look back. The train was setting back in town still not moving so I just sat there and watched him. 

He is a youngster, not big enough to challenge the old bucks for the herd domain.  By himself he roams the grassland.  Sometimes these young bucks travel together but until they get some does they are loners..

White tails are not common around here, we get mostly mulies.  Mule deer are native to the area.  Like the white tail, the mulies are being forced to find new land to roam.  Deer were far and few far between on the plains but that is changing as development forces them out of their homes…

IMGP3256 (640x425)

Eventually he moved on down the hill to open field.  He will find a small harem, become feed for a predator or possibly a trophy for the great white hunter.  In the meantime I appreciated the moment of encounter.

Oh and the train… it went into reverse and I gave up waiting for it..


2 thoughts on “Not By Design

  1. A chance encounter, shared on the Nett..Lovely photo’s, John, I hope he has some years yet to live .. and maybe next time you’ll be able to catch the train. xPenx

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