Do Not Use….. May Cause Damage

Warning labels, on literally everything one buys.

The most infamous label is on the cigarette pack, and then there was the incident with the coffee in Albuquerque.  What is your favorite warning…….?

A fellow blogger bought a new small electrical appliance and it had a warning of not to take it to bed or sleep with it.  Apparently some people have done just that, hence a warning notice.  With the millions of people in the country a few have absurd behavior and it results in an accident.  because of the actions of a few, all have to pay the price of their consequences.  How much extra cost to the product do you think these warning notices add?  There is the oblivious of paper use and extra printing.  There is also the legal review expense and the board decision making time.  These little things add a small bit on the price of items which the consumer pays.

Why the notices in the first place, am I really that incompetent I can not take care of my self or is there something else going on here.  Personally I feel is a little bit on the “Nanny State” thing but a bigger issue is a lawyer thing.

So many lawsuits over frivolous things, yet there is big money, greed is a major force behind lots of these lawsuits.  Next thing to look at is the people who pass the laws and regulations.  The legislators at most levels of government are attorneys and so are most of the executives.  When these people get elected, they do not leave their jobs, most retain a vested interest.  A few leave their jobs to be public servants.  An attorney that is elected retains a interest in their law firm.  The firm generates income for them so it behooves the legal beagle to pass laws that will benefit his firm.

If adding warning labels is to their benefit….. guess what.  If the law firm is a litigator of damage suits…. laws will be brought forth to enable the firm.  The list rolls on, it becomes a cycle that we as voters have enabled.  For whatever reason we keep voting lawyers into the halls of congress.

I read somewhere that about 95% of the Democrats and over 50% of the Republicans are attorneys.  Looking at that one can see why so many laws are passed.  The more convoluted the language is the more a person needs a legal interpreter.

Next time you see a warning notice….. consider who will benefit the most…….?



When the rain pours here it can fall in buckets and make fields look like rice paddies.  The railroad ROW makes a nice dam and collects run of real quick making small pools.

Some of this fell as ice cubes, turning things white.  I should of planted some rice in the little paddock.


One thought on “Do Not Use….. May Cause Damage

  1. so you should have John, looks perfect for rice growing. (we’ve had a sudden downpour here, but nothing like yours) … and maybe we should be born with warning notices…makes you wonder eh? xPenx

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