Time Marches

The weekend has arrived.  Time to take care of the chores, relax some or go out and play.  There is rain and the green stuff  grows and some of the unwanted green things have to be removed to find the other green things.  Some where over there under the mat is a grill….. hmmm… maybe should use it a little more  often.

Grilled brauts and a beer,  for me good weekend dining.  Let others indulge in the flank pieces of meat.  Put some relish, chopped green onion and brown mustard on and I’m happy.  The garden is putting out lettuce so will have a salad.  Sit in the little courtyard, hope the mosquitos are not hungry.  Watch the sun set, clouds pass over and change colors.

The weekend brings many adventures, sometimes no further then the yard.  Birds flit around, flowers wave in the breeze, trees make shade and good food.  It is time to savor the march of time, pause to listen to the rhythm.

SDC17250 (640x427)


Whatever you chose for the weekend may God bless you in your endeavors.

Have a great one.


One thought on “Time Marches

  1. same week-end wishes to you John, and may your vegetable garden ever be fruitful, and your mosquito’s go bother the neighbours… 😉 happy savouring …. xPenx

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