Smoke In Your Eyes

With fires comes the smoke and haze.  Forest firs and range fires unleash clouds of smoke that cover miles and miles of the sky.  If it is big enough fire the smoke will circle the globe.  The smoke is irritating and causes respiratory problems for a few. 

The smoky haze to make for some spectacular sunsets and sunrises and the moon also if it is in the right place in the sky.  A crimson, orange, rose orb hangs on the horizon.


The effects can be spectacular and it can be damming.

With the forest fires and wild fires I have not heard of “Greenies” volunteering to go out and help fight these fires.  Yet they sure love to complain about the carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Makes me stop and wonder, wildfires have been around for centuries and they would burn unabated.  Putting out wildfires a century ago was not a priority.  They would burn till they ran out of fuel or rain/snowfall quenched the flames.

These are big fires but compared to the wildfires of over a century ago they are minuscule.  Wonder how much carbon those fires that burned for months were putting out.

The global warming people do not mention things like this.  they have become arrogant to the point that they just dismiss facts and go on their way.  Even when they are caught in a blatant lie, the greenies go on crying wolf.

So my question….. Is man so stupid he can not take care of himself if there are changes?  Will man be so stupid to stay on the beach and be drowned when the ice melts?

The “greenies” make lots of assumptions based on man being stupid or they are the only ones with smarts to solve the problems of the world climate change.

There are so many un answered points and such a geological record pointing other directions.

Oh…… The “greenies” tend to be Darwinian’s.  Therefore man will evolve around all of the global warming, if they really accept the “Theory of Evolution.”  <Man can not be a god and be an evolutionist at the same time… look at the conflict.

There are so many holes that their statements look like a strainer.

Go to High School Science and read about Photosynthesis.

Grab the camera and catch some shots of the sun through the haze, natural or otherwise.



One thought on “Smoke In Your Eyes

  1. Mother Nature can cause as much damage as we humans in a heartbeat, John, but I feel personally that we humans, with our cars, Nuclear waste, Oil spills and population explosion to name but a few problems, are straining this World to the limit. The World will not cease turning, but maybe we as the human race will find our race run out. Who knows for sure? xPenx

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