Random Quinks

Thoughts from here and there or whatever happened to fall out of the noggin n gray matter.

The fires in Arizona and New Mexico are sharing their smoke with us.  In the mornings the breeze is from the north and it is kind of clear.  As the sun rolls over the wind rolls around to the SW and here comes the smoky haze.

Last night there were pretty good whiffs of burning wood.  As the night settles down the wind calms.  In the morning it is kind of clear.  The haze makes for some interesting sun spots. 

Get lots of complaints from people with respiratory problems, self included.  The smoke effects my allergies and sinus.  I would of not been a good fighter of fires.

Living in the country is a life many dream of but few do.  There is a different lifestyle.  Stores are not close by and medical is further, neighbors are not down the block and nature is the at the step.



this farm house is fairly well isolated,  couple miles to the nearest neighbor.  It can be lonely at times out in the outback of the prairie.  Here life has a pace of nature.  the seasons change and life changes. 

Civilization is creeping in the country life.    the latest gadgets in the kitchen, monster tractor in the field, slick new pick up to chase the cows and giant windmills.


What had once been a far ranging vista is now becoming cluttered with giant three handed machines, 

The landscape is changing yet this same area is also dotted with missile silos.  The giant three handed monsters will be well protected in case of invasion by ET’s relatives.


Ya know what I would like to see….. Congress go back to two sessions, each one 90 days or less, per year.  the end of the session…. every one go home, no more new laws, no more gabbing about nuttin and maybe some peace for the home folks.



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