In Memory

This weekend has been referred to as decoration day.  By government decree and the for the want of a paid holiday it is now Memorial Day.  Graves are still decorated, ceremonies are still conducted, friends and relatives go visiting at the cemetery.

There are the moments and stories about veterans making the sacrifice for our country’s freedom.  I used to buy into that big time but in reclining years I question that feel good statement.

I enjoy history and when I look back over the history of the USA I see less and less freedom.  There are volumes of law books published each year and each year there are more laws added to these books.  Each law restricts a person in some manner or other, whether it be consequences, penalties and even taxes.  These new laws are passed by congress, republican and democrat.

Even in my short life I have seen restrictions  placed on me that were not there 30 years ago.  Some are good, few are begin and a lots are ugly. 

So what is freedom……………….?

WWI Allen


My family heritage in this country goes back to 1750.  This is when the US was a penal colony for England and when Europeans were fleeing the oppression of the royal governments or religious persecution.  The freedom these people sought was brief lived.

Yet I understand what was trying to be accomplished, I also understand why there were so many failures.

Not only do I salute the veterans, I acknowledge their families and the people that support them.

Have a blessed weekend, go forth and roast a…………….



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