From Years Ago…. They Roamed


Took an afternoon off and went off the sand creek to do some rock hunting and maybe find an arrowhead.  It has been sometime since I found and arrowhead, I have found pieces and a small scraper.  Arrowhead hunting is a hobby for a few people that live on the prairie.  For centuries the Indians wandered across the plains, following the buffalo herds and living out their lives.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Looking up a bluff through a small draw.  There is a small thread of green where the water collects.  The buffalo find these and graze.  It is also a place where the Indians could stampede the buffalo over the ridge and a few of the buffalo would perish in the tumble down the hill.

It would then be easy for the Indians to finish off the animals and skin them.  Below is a creek and a spring nearby for clean water. 

I walk the fields and pastures searching for the tips and scrapers left behind from the processing of the buffalo.  Not much luck but I enjoy the walk and the getting away to a place of solitude.  There is a farmhouse over there about a half mile and another over a mile away.  Then a few more miles to find another farm house.

As I walk the open spaces, the wind dances around, grasses wave in the breeze and clouds are absent.  High clear blue sky.  Summer has been postponed for a few more days, a sweater is need to keep the cool needles out.

Some smoky quartz is found, a few agates, maybe a piece of opal and petrified wood pieces but no arrowheads.  It was a nice walk on a cool day.  Batteries recharged and cobwebs scraped away.

Will have to revisit there another day and remember why life marches on.  Here is a cadence that nature sets.  Man is but a stepper to the cadence.


2 thoughts on “From Years Ago…. They Roamed

  1. Wonderful to read your words on times now gone, John, and times never to be seen again. Good to read also that your batteries are re-charged, and no wonder, with such marvellous open spaces to wander at will. Jealous? Moi’? Yup!! 😀 xPenx

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