It Be Gassy

The downward spiral of rising prices.  There are times the people in the US are amazing.  They can be so independent and determined.  Damm the person that gets in their way.



buzzard circles about looking

Read the other day that the price of oil is falling because of the decline in demand.

The US life revolves around the automobile.  The car is the great equalizer, it offers freedom, mobility, independence and status among other things.  Mess with the americans cars and there will be repercussions.

I posted a blog while back about gas prices, not complaining but pointing out how our buying habits influence the market.  The US economy is very market driven by the consumer and this drives the marxists up the wall.  Even the russians with their big hammer could not control the market.

When one stops buying a product the dynamics change. either the producer changes or they go out of business.  Buying less gas forces the producer to look at his pricing and if he can not meet the market demands he usually goes out of business.

Stop and look at what would happen to the gas market if we did not buy gas for one day/stopped driving for  that day.  It would take more then a few hundred dollars out of their pocketbook, it would be close to a billion dollars in revenue the oil boys would lose.  Big dollars like that grab attention.

Us little people have lots of influence, most don’t exercise it.  When we become complacent the bully’s take over and all of a sudden we are in a corner and wonder how we got there.

If I’m going to complain about something I am also going to take some kind of action.  I don’t always have the desired results but I gave it my best shot.

If the politicians would learn to keep their interference in our lives to a minim, life would be much better.  There are some great every day people out there and are very capable of taking care of themselves, for the most part.

The marxists do not see it that way, they want to control things and there are other groups.

So have good look at your spending and see what kind of influence you have, albeit a small one but it does effect the economy.


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