The greening of the ground, the renewal, the death is overcome and it is Easter.  With the death of winter comes the life of spring.  Brown drab gives way to colors of palette, green shoots forth, flowers burst their seams.


I don’t know if could live in the tropics where it always lush and green.  I like the change of the seasons and do not mind the cold of winter.  God created life that could exist in a variety of climates and man is one that can live in all zones.  The only limitations man has are the ones he places on self.

Soon the heat of summer will be upon the land.  It is already tearing up the country side in other parts.  Thunderstorms and tornadoes have been rumbling across the land.  Property has been destroyed, worst of all, lives have been lost..

Nature carries such a fury and man tries to control it.  The predictors are better at it and have helped to save lives.  Yet nature will go its course.  This is why I am such a skeptic about the global warming bit.  Nature has a mind of her own and does a pretty good job of taking care of herself.  We are able to help nature, a nudge here or there, a helping hand but influence………..

The weather is still below freezing at night here.  Today it was in the mid 70’s.  Nice weather for outside.  Trees here are just starting to leaf and no flowers yet.  I had go a distance to find this fruit tree in bloom.  If the fruit trees bloom around here there will be no fruit because of the freezes.  A whole block line of fruit trees, man would that be something. Don’t know of any orchards near by.

Water flows over the land, nourishment for the plants, life for the fish or a play spot.  When all of these can be combined man is at his height of stewardship of his resources.  Life can not exist without water, as we know it.  There very essence of life.  There are battles over control of this life sustaining liquid.  cities and farmers battle over this resource. 

Cities want it for their residents, who want a nice green lush lawn.  Farmers get rich selling their water rights to cities and leave the farm.  Soon there will be more green lawns then there are green vegetable fields.  Which is more important, a green lush lawn or green veggis on the table.


Water flows through the neighborhood, lofts are built, offices, restaurants and other shops line the water way.  Like a magnet the water attracts people.  Paths are laid out, strollers amble the course of the water.  Life grows and is sustained by the stream of life.

May you have a blessed week as Easter approaches.                                   God loves all of His creation.


3 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Green veggies, every time John, Lawns are a luxury which we could do without, people would soon grow tired of trying to eat ‘said’ grass.
    And I think as we nudge nature with a helping hand, we also nudge with a hindering one too. She goes her own way, and is un-tameable, which is how it should always be. We live and we learn. Loved the read my friend, and Happy Easter wishes to you and yours. xPenx

  2. I like the heat and could live in the topics any day… We have four seasons here were I live, it gets cold in the winter but rarely goes below 12 c so not cold enough for snow here.
    Have a lovely week

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