Shutdown the Government

Well that was the threat, either we get our way or the shut it down.  Hah…. turned out to be just that, bully talk.  One thing I’m noticing is the the republicans are not very good at the bully pulpit.  Instead the democrats can easily bully the republicans and run over them.  when the dems had the super majority is was easy to run over the republicans and it appears the republicans are still cowered and afraid to believe in the principal they espouse.  The republicans are starting to become as annoying as the dems are.

Personally I would of loved to see the government shut down.  what critical services does the government off that I can not live without?  First thing that comes to mind are fire and police, but that is a local government function as are the utilities.  There are so many threats that come from government workers that there will be dire consequences, well, lets try it and see what happens.  In the shutdown the reality of critical services will come forth.

So ask a couple of questions.  Is it critical that we maintain a military presence in the Middle East>  Where do we really need a military presence? 

Second thing to look at are all the cabinet departments.  which of those are critical.  Do we need DEA, do we need the Dept. of Energy, Do we need the Dept. of Education and the biggest question…… do we need a Homeland Security.

As I look at these agencies among others I see very little help provided by the federal government in all of the cabinet level positions.  Most of these were created in this past century, before that the country got along quite well with a small federal government.

There were a few who were not happy with things and began to cry about how they were treated.  So off to big brother they went.  this gave the politicians an excuse to justify their existence.  So they started passing laws to address the different perceived problems.  More money was needed. taxes were raised, more [people were needed to deal with all these situations and guess what.  We now have a monster government that is a Nanny State.  So many now feel like they could not live unless the government was not taking care of them.

So what do we really need the federal government for.  The answer lies in the constitution but that has been ignored for so many decades.  Oh it is also the same question the south was asking of DC before the Civil War broke out.  No the Civil War had very little to do with slavery.  slavery was but a guise, and excuse.

Personally I fell I could live without 80% of big brother.  Now to figure out a lobotomy.


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